Why I'm starting a blog

Mon Jan 01 2018

My reasons for starting a blog.

Hello everybody welcome to my blog. I've been considering starting a blog since a few months and I've finally decided to go all in and just do it. The main reason holding me back from blogging was actually the fear of running out of topics/having nothing interesting to talk about. But now I've decided to just go ahead and start it, if I do run out of topics then I can always stop.

I don't plan to have a fixed schedule or anything along those lines. I'll post whenever I have something interesting to share.

Now that you know why I didn't start a blog till now, let's get to the title of this post. So why am I starting a blog? Since I have a few reasons let's bust out the lists:

1. Reinforce my knowledge

I've always known that sharing what you know helps reinforce it, but I've especially starting feeling it this year in uni. Since me and my friends work together on a lot of things we tend to explain things to each other. But everytime I explain something I tend to not forget it as easily. So this blog will be a great outlet for me to share and also improve my own skills.

2. Improve my writing

Ever since my foundation year ended & the first year of uni started, I've noticed that I don't write anything except for code anymore. I've also noticed my language skills (both speaking and written) have plummeted (you can probably see that in this post). Hopefully writing a bit every week will save them from further descent.

3. Share my journey

I know there are a lot more people like me, students who love this field of computers, and I would like to share with them my journey. I'm at a stage where I relate with them, I've just been introduced to this amazing world and I feel like a child in a candy shop. I feel like learning about everything and just want to create a lot.

So let's do it then, hopefully we can grow together and you can gain something from hearing my story. Peace ✌