TypeMD is my most recent project & was built to improve on my React skills while also hopefully being able to teach people about how great the developer experience is while working with libraries like Firebase & SWR. I wrote about the entire process in a blog post so that people can learn about them.

It does however fill a gap in my workflow as well. I prefer WYSIWYG markdown editors and the ones that I find online are larger products while all I wanted was a very simple markdown editor. Which is why I feel great having an app that I created which I use a lot as well. I know that a lot more people are using it as well, after my blog post & a tweet, a few people found abouot it and it has a tiny active community.

Since then I've written all my blog posts & even this project explanation in TypeMD & it also taught me a lot about cleaner React coding while making use of libraries like SWR for a fast & fluid user experience. Feel free to check out the code on GitHub or visit it live.