Kartik Nair

Programmer & design enthusiast


Hi there — I write code (and sometimes words) for a living and spend my free time learning about things I enjoy like music, compilers, typography.

I studied computer systems engineering at Middlesex University and spent my last year there working on my thesis project: Deft. Where I designed a memory-safe systems programming language and implemented a reference compiler for it.

Currently I'm based in Dubai and work remotely at an early-stage startup in the crypto space researching and designing protocols.



An ultra-minimal blogging platform for anybody who writes. Built using Next.js and Firebase optimizing for speed and enjoyable UX.


Local bookmarks/notes/image cataloguing using the filesystem. A personal project built to distance myself from online tools and keep my notes/thoughts local.

<untitled> Lang

An unnamed language around the abstraction level of JavaScript. Dynamic and interpreted with a minimal built-in library (networking/FS/CLI).


An Intro to Compilers in JavaScript

Guide to building out a compiler phase-by-phase in JavaScript.

Using JSX without React

JSX gives us a great way to handle HTML-based templating in JavaScript. Let's see how we can use it without react

SPA-like instant navigation in static sites

Improve the user experience on your static sites with a tiny bit of JavaScript

Improve your web typography with a few solid tips

A few solid & easily implementable tips to step up your website's type game

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